“People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they’re afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you’re letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain.” ― Jim Morrison

The quote above really woke me up. It speaks to me on so many levels. I had to share it. On another note, I've been holding out on pictures from London. It only feels right wearing clothing while I'm in the UK. Okay so, they've totally redid their site and it looks amazingggg and they keep constantly updating all their pieces, especially the plus section. Not to mention, I'm on their home page and at the top of their plus page so (insert smiley face here)! They put up the 2 piece snake skin print co-ordinate I've been in love with since I laid eyes on it. Everyone ask me where they can find pants, here and here.

Wearing: boohoo shift dress, boohoo orange bomber jacket, boohoo metallic ankle strap heels

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