Laced in Roses

You guys, I've found the best swimsuit brand. I was super hype when Surania Swimwear contacted me. You can literally custom design your entire bathing suit. I actually made 3 separate suits. This 2 piece high waisted floral suit, a pink color blocked 2 piece, and a 1 piece forest green suit with a low dropped back. You can custom choose the print, colors, and even the cut of the suit. The best part about it is you can put in the exact measurements of your body so it fits perfectly. My body is smaller on the top than bottom so I end up having to purchase a medium top and large bottom. I don't have to worry about all that when I order from them. I went to Point Pleasant Beach in NJ and shot these pictures. It is absolutely gorgeous here. It's my new favorite beach. They also have a doughnut shop called "Top That Donut" where you can make your own donutsssss!! Anyways, you guys will probably spend hours on Surania custom making your bathing suits like I did when I first found out about them! Have fun and enjoy Summer!

Wearing: custom made two piece floral Surania swimsuit