everyBODY is flawless

You guys, I've been keeping this a secret (like Beyonce). I shot this Beyonce music video with GabiFresh and Tess Munster a few months ago when I was in Los Angeles. I'm SOOOOOO hype for the release of this because of the message it sends. Gabi hit me up and was like "Nadia, we should just redo the Beyonce video." Of course I said yes because you know I'm always down. There was so much work put into this. We spent about 12 hours straight shooting it. I had so much fun with both of these beautiful women. I think in an industry like all three of us are in, everyone is so competitive. I love joining forces with other women and see them prosper in every way imaginable.

What I love about Beyonce's video is she speaks on feminism (which I'm huge on) and also shows a clip in the beginning of Girls Tyme losing the competition. I kept watching the Beyonce video over and over again and it sparked my mind for our video to be more personal. I turned to Gabi and was like, I have an amazing idea for the beginning of our video. We should put up clips of interviews all three of us did in the past where we spoke about how we deal with society. I am honestly so glad I randomly thought of it because the message is incredibly powerful and I really hope it opens up people's minds.

I was so tired of people telling me over the years what I should and should not wear, how I should act, who I should be, and I knew both Gabi and Tess were use to the backlash too. Every day it seems like there are more and more advertisements, magazine pages, and commercials brainwashing people. For me, this video is to show all of my followers that you define your definition of beauty. Don't let anyone tell you to be or look a certain way. We are all flawless and to keep reminding yourself of that.

Wearing: Rent the Runway, Bauble Bar, Hips and Curves, QVC, Carmakoma, and Eclectic Eccentricity!