back on my bullshit

"It's like no matter where I go in life and the things that I accomplish, when you walk in that room, your past still comes in with you." -Jay Z

Pardon me for the lack of heels lately. People who have been following me since the beginning know my style changes frequently and I don't like staying to one look in particular. This is actually how I use to dress in high school. Skinny jeans, loose top, and a pair of fresh sneakers and/or timbs. I was very much a tomboy growing up (example: throwback thursday freshman football). It wasn't until I was 21 that I started wearing a lot of heels. Something about throwing timbs on makes me feel like I'm back on my old Nadia bullshit and honestly I'm not sure why I stopped wearing so many sneakers and boots.

Wearing: Air Nike crewneck sweater, black Jessica Simpson skinny jeans, wheat Timberlands, rose barbell earring, gold hoop earrings