back on my bullshit

"It's like no matter where I go in life and the things that I accomplish, when you walk in that room, your past still comes in with you." -Jay Z

Pardon me for the lack of heels lately. People who have been following me since the beginning know my style changes frequently and I don't like staying to one look in particular. This is actually how I use to dress in high school. Skinny jeans, loose top, and a pair of fresh sneakers and/or timbs. I was very much a tomboy growing up (example: throwback thursday freshman football). It wasn't until I was 21 that I started wearing a lot of heels. Something about throwing timbs on makes me feel like I'm back on my old Nadia bullshit and honestly I'm not sure why I stopped wearing so many sneakers and boots.

Wearing: Air Nike crewneck sweater, black Jessica Simpson skinny jeans, wheat Timberlands, rose barbell earring, gold hoop earrings


  1. You are amazing! That squat pose is BOSS!

  2. This is so around the way girl... I am way too psyched about this look.

  3. I like heels, but I can't deny the comfort of flats and sneakers. Btw I love your industrial!

  4. You are stunning
    I love your style girl!

    Love the sweat and the earing!

  5. totally cool! i love the feel of this look, somewhat 90s. Your industrial piercing is stunning too!

  6. OMG you are everything - and so much more! Love this look in its entirety!

    Karina @ The Chaotic Dreamer | Music + Fashion x

  7. From head to toe BOSS .
    You give that real feeling, that street feeling.
    Back to the 90s style.



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