Thats That Nerve

"We have a culture of telling young boys not to love or express love to girls. All this effects how they treat women later on. Men are allowed only to show a limited scope of emotions. Fear, pain, hurt, sadness, even love at times falls outside realm of manhood. Expressing emotion doesn't make you feminine or less masculine. It's both and neither. It's human." -Zellie Imani

I don't think I'll ever step away from wearing grey, black, and white together. Addition Elle captured my heart with these jogger pants. The material is lightweight and the cuffed bottom looks really good with heels and flats. I want to keep white nails forever. I've never been too big on jewelry but I've been getting into wearing a lot of rings lately, especially if they're midis.

Wearing: Addition Elle jogger pants, ASOS sleeveless crop top, Michael Antonio strap heels, Oyato Soronko gold knuckle rings