Nadia Aboulhosn Calendar Pt. 2

Here are some of the first shots from my Nadia Aboulhosn Calendar which you can purchase HERE! The bathtub shot, which is my favorite from the calendar, may look glamorous but literally one of the most difficult to shoot. Alex, the photographer and great friend of mine, had to hover over me with his foot on the soap holder. haha. It was also a challenge to keep the flowers upright and keeping my make up in tact.

Photographer: Alex Vanderheyden | Make up: Ciara Ayako | Wearing: Taurus Rainbow Sheer Gown, SimplyBe Panties 80's Inspired - Since it's Selena's passing today, it was only right to post the Selena inspired look from my calendar. When I first started blogging, most of how I dressed was influenced from her. I'd always wear bustiers, red matte lips, and big hair. Over the years my style has evolved but I wanted to bring the old me back a little bit.

Photographer: Alex Vanderheyden | Make up: Reba Glaser | Wearing: drop triangle earrings, black bodycon dress Vintage Inspired - While in the middle of shooting my calendar, my mom went through the attic and found my great grandma's scarves. I got inspired to do a vintage look and paired it with ModCloth and Nastygal.

Photographer: Alex Vanderheyden | Make up: Ciara Ayako | Wearing: ModCloth pink skater dress, NastyGal sunglasses, boohoo white pumps


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Its been a long time since I dont come by.. i kinda lost your link, but I always remember that girl who's named just like me and has a great style! you were such an inspiration, i didnt started to upload pics of myself until i saw your blog and now look at you! with your own calendar!

    congrats nadia!

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

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    - Hannah's Heels

  3. Great...artistic photos...cheers!
    ciao from Italy

  4. amazing photos! i love how they turned out and I can only imagine how amazing your calender is! keep up the great work!‎

  5. wow! congrats on the calendar, it is awesome! Way to be an official pinup, I love it :)

  6. i'm really diggin the Selena look! i'll have to go back in your archives and check them out. you look amazing love! <3


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  8. Hey Will It Be TMI to Kno Ur Measurements... At least to Kno What size do u wear? U give me so much hope. After having my son I just feel so lame like I can't get sexy anymore and your blog just shows me u can be plus and sexy !

  9. love the styling of these outfits x



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