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“Whomever you truly are... honor that person. No dream was ever realized by disappearing into the shadows of self-deceit and doubt.” ― Jaeda DeWalt

So last year, StyleLikeU contacted me to do a video with them called Second Skin which involved myself and another girl switching clothes for a day. I had no idea who she was, she had no idea who I was, but we walked in each other's shoes (literally) for a day. I was actually inspired by Amy Cakes look and instantly bought a new pair of creepers as soon as we finished shooting. I admire her because most people would think she's crazy dressing how she does but she is just like me. A girl who is sure of herself, knows what she does and doesn't like and doesn't want to play the victim. She doesn't dress up to put on a show, she does it for herself. When we were taking the final shots for the video, a police officer drove by and asked her if she missed Halloween. I didn't fully understand what he was saying, I wish I had so I could have sarcastically been a bitch to him. I put so much emphasis on the fact that fashion and style are all about expressing your individual self. It's actually the core reason I started my blog to begin with. I never dress the way I do to impress people or to make a statement. I believe I've gotten so far in this industry because I have been true to myself and THAT'S what has made me popular. I wear what makes me feel good, I wear what ever emotion I feel that day. That's why it IS so difficult for me to wear someone else's clothes because it's not reflecting my personal self. My message through my blog has always been to be yourself unapologetically. I love experimenting, but on my own terms. After I did this video, I spoke to Melo-X, a good friend of mine who is a Multimedia artist and featured in the video. He roughly said to me something along the lines of, this isn't you, people don't understand that when you dress, it's not just about putting clothes on, it's a lifestyle for you. He couldn't have said it any better. I look forward to years of expressing myself as myself.

Thank you to the women at StyleLikeU and Amy Cakes!


  1. Such a great concept, Glad you got to participate, love your style!

  2. I think it's really cool that you go meet the fans of your blog! Thanks for sharing the video with us. :)

  3. This was super cool! I liked it a lot! I would so be open to doing that, although I believe style is personal, I'm very big in walking a mile on other's shoes.



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