Subjective Criticism

"You need to sacrifice almost everything to achieve your goal. So when people say you're lucky, they don't know what they're talking about. The people that say that, will never achieve their goal because luck has nothing to do with it. If I was that lucky, I wouldn't have failed so many times, I wouldn't have had so many sleepless nights. Perseverance is the key to success. Then when you succeed, people will try to justify to you in a very simple way why you succeeded. I will never let any person discourage me from my goals." -Josef Azam

I've been wanting some time to discuss "constructive criticism". You'll sometimes see me call it out on my twitter but never in blog posts. This post is probably the best outfit to speak on it considering this shift dress isn't too flattering for my body type by fashion magazine standards. People misjudge the use of the term constructive criticism to project their own negative opinions about something subjective. There are too many times people write comments on mine and other blogger's pages like "this outfit would look better if", "you should have wore something for your figure" or "this outfit doesn't flatter your body." Please understand that personal style blogs are exactly that. The style pertaining to the person's blog you are directly on. My blog is self-titled. No where on my blog or any other fashion blogger's page does it say we need your approval or advice on something we ALREADY wore. If a fashion blogger is asking advice on what he/she should be wearing, then they probably shouldn't be a fashion blogger. Bloggers have such a strong influence today, probably more than magazines do at this point. Just because you don't understand or like something, doesn't mean it's wrong.

Wearing: ASOS Quilted Shift Dress, ASOS forest green heels, circle drop doorknocker earrings