I woke up like this. Flawless.

“There is no need to boast of your accomplishments and what you can do. A great man is known, he needs no introduction.” ― CherLisa Biles

Beyonce surprised us all with her visual album and inspired me to step my life up entirely another level. haha. It goes to show that you can be working without having to say you are. It also means I'm going to be quoting her songs as my subject titles for weeks to come. My aunt gave me this cashmere pashmina before I moved to NY two years ago and it's the first time I got around to wearing it. These plaid pants from F21 plus are everything.

Wearing: Forever 21 plaid pants, ASOS Pasha forest green high heels, Forever 21 sleek coat, ASOS grey tank top, Macy's Wine pashmina scarf