leather & plaid

"When the light bulb was invented, it wasn't to stop a war. I understand we've got other issues that are way bigger. So I'm not trying to say that what I'm doing is the most important thing that's happening on the planet, but what I'm saying is, what I'm doing is necessary. Just like if there's one teacher teaching in a class, what she's doing is necessary." -Kanye West

I'm honestly so grateful to have such a wide variety of followers that are all shapes and sizes. Sometimes being on the higher end of "straight size" and the lower end of "plus size" ultimately gives me an advantage because I'm able to wear more brands. I like calling it the "curvy" category. Good quality plus size clothing is already so hard to come by so I'm all about showing my readers options. I appreciate brands like Forever 21 that have both straight and plus size pieces. My top is from Forever 21's regular sizes and my skirt is also from them but their plus section.

Wearing: gold link choker with plate, Forever 21 leather crop top, Forever 21 plus size asymmetrical leather skirt, minimal leather baseball cap, Abercrombie plaid button down