Fashion isn't always practical

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish." -Brad Henry

The jacket I designed for Mynt1792 is shipping out today. That means I finally get to see how all of you style it. I just got mine in the mail so you'll be seeing me do a few posts here and there, styling it various ways. It's pretty exciting having something come to life after imagining it in your head for so long. I'm really just anxious to see all of you wearing it. People expect me to always be so happy because I'm touching people's lives but it's hard to fully register it because it's through a computer. I think once I see the people who support me wearing my product, i'll probably break down in tears. haha. Be sure to send me pictures! You guys can still purchase it HERE!


  1. so awesome that you designed that!! can't wait to see how buyers style it


  2. I love this!!! I just found your blog and I love that you're so original!
    Thank you ;-)

  3. I love this jacket and all the clothes at Mynt1792!! I just wish I could afford them! :(



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