Clear "Nadia" Jacket Available

The clear "Nadia" jacket I designed in collaboration with Mynt 1792 is finally available for purchase (click the above)! I wanted to dedicate a post to a few things that inspired me. Early 90's definitely had a huge part as well as my childhood. This jacket was a nostalgia trip for me. Watching numerous Missy Elliott videos, the beepers my dad use to wear, and especially the jelly sandals my mom use to dress my sister and I in. It's also a plus that you can see whatever you're wearing underneath. My jacket transitions from Fall to Spring easily because of it's 3/4th zip off sleeves and detachable hood. The jacket is available now for pre-sale and will ship out November 30th! I just have one request for those who do purchase it, PLEASE tag me in the pictures of you wearing my jacket and also send me pictures if you can. I want to do a dedicated post to all of you who wear it! xo

A few inspirations for this jacket.


  1. hopefully i can get my hands on one of your jackets! its insanely beautiful! OMG and is that actually a beeper as inspiration! only 90s kids will know :D



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