Elvira Hancock

I finally touched back down in NY yesterday. The only relief about coming back to my apartment here is that all of my belongings are in one specific area. It's always difficult for me to blog when I'm elsewhere because I don't have all my shoes, jewelry, and clothing with me. Sometimes when I have an idea in my mind, if I can't fully execute it, I won't shoot it. So basically if I don't have the outfit the exact way I envision it in my mind, it feels incomplete and not good enough to put up on the internet. The Spiegel coat has such a great structure and the steep v-neck reminds me something out of Scarface the movie. I know this is suppose to be a coat but it officially became a structured dress for me instead. Also, my hair...Pat Riley.
Wearing: black coat c/o Spiegel, black ankle strap heel, Triangle drop earrings

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