Wild waist to hip ratio

Feels like my outfit is something out of Grease. I love high waisted hot pants. I could wear these probably every day of my life. People with big butts like mine deserve stretchy pants like these. My loose crop top is from Rue 107. I just modeled for them last week so if you click on the link below, you'll see me on their site! I'm not really sure what I did to my hair this day but it came out better than usual. I'm in hair hell right now. Growing it out has become extremely difficult. I can't stop twirling it, brushing it, touching it. It's so uneven and at such a strange length. I give it two more months and I think I'll be good. Everything about this Addition Elle jacket is perfect for this outfit. The leather stripes give me life.

Wearing: boohoo high rise hot pants, Rue 107 crop top, white wedges (similar), Addition Elle bomber jacket