Make them notice.

"Not everyone knows whats best for you. Sometimes, you have to listen to yourself and what feels right for you. Exist above the noise."

Figured I should start prepping for Winter time and all the layering that's about to take place. I wore a black mini dress and threw this gorgeous Addition Elle knit sweater over. Fashion week always falls on my birthday (September 13th), but this year I'm leaving to Florida on the 11th, mid-fashion week. You stop caring as much about fashion week when you see there's an open spot in your schedule to see your parents who you haven't seen in 11 months. Think I'll be in Florida for a month. It's greatly needed.

Wearing: Addition Elle crochet sweater, black sleeveless mini dress, ankle strap sandal heels

Sponsored by Addition Elle. All views & opinions are my own.

My BFFF Shevah

My best friend Shevah, who is also a fashion blogger, visited me two weeks ago here in New York. I hadn't seen her in over 10 months. We met back in 2009 at a small Middle Eastern restaurant we both worked at back in Florida. It's been 4 years now and she's the only friend in my life who hasn't mistreated or disrespected me. I've always been the type of person who cuts people out of my life entirely the second they do me wrong. I've always said "if you cross me, you get crossed out". I'm use to people constantly coming in and out my life that it feels normal. It makes me really appreciate mine and Shevah's friendship. It's not really rocket science why we're BFFFs. It's a combination of everything. We have the same humor, the same morals and values, and we basically hate everyone except each other. I couldn't imagine my life without her. Shout out to Shevah for being my best friend forev! haha Me love ju sheevee-deevee.

Wearing: boohoo tulip dress, Jeffrey Campbell Cantu heels, silver necklace

Wild waist to hip ratio

Feels like my outfit is something out of Grease. I love high waisted hot pants. I could wear these probably every day of my life. People with big butts like mine deserve stretchy pants like these. My loose crop top is from Rue 107. I just modeled for them last week so if you click on the link below, you'll see me on their site! I'm not really sure what I did to my hair this day but it came out better than usual. I'm in hair hell right now. Growing it out has become extremely difficult. I can't stop twirling it, brushing it, touching it. It's so uneven and at such a strange length. I give it two more months and I think I'll be good. Everything about this Addition Elle jacket is perfect for this outfit. The leather stripes give me life.

Wearing: boohoo high rise hot pants, Rue 107 crop top, white wedges (similar), Addition Elle bomber jacket

Vogue Italia

"People are always going to give you an excuse and limitations. But you cant let someone else's close mind, close your doors." - Will.I.Am

You guys. I've never really done a dedicated post to a feature, but this is Vogue Italia. I don't think anyone realizes how huge this is for me. Since I started fashion blogging 3 years ago, I was always like "when I hit some kind of Vogue, then i'll feel like I accomplished something, but in fashion, I'm not shit until that happens." Something people don't realize is that I'm my biggest critic. In my teenage years, I wasted a lot of time. I hung out with the wrong people, getting into unnecessary trouble, so I threw myself into fashion and it really changed my life and the path it was leading. It was something I was actually good at, enjoyed, and kept me busy instead of wasting away my days with people who were not progressing. I have such a crazy strong work ethic because I'm trying to make up for time lost, time where I could have been working on whatever talent I had but was too caught up to recognize.

My blog has been featured in a number of publications, I've modeled for huge brands, but Vogue Italia really hits home. I see myself in magazines and am sort of like "oh, that's nice." Most people would die to be in magazines but for me, I was always very numb to it. Probably because to be a model isn't my goal. To be well known isn't my intentions. What I want is my own fashion line, create things that have never been made before. It always has been my number one dream and people who have been following me from the start know that. Now, I believe it's to the point where I want to be acknowledged for my creativity. It's like, I'm putting in all this work overtime but the end results are magazines and publications instead of product designed by me.

I sit at home a lot, I barely leave. It's rare for me to go out because when I'm out I just sit there and beat myself up mentally, like...I'm wasting time, I could be home emailing companies, I could be styling outfits, I could be taking blog pictures. My personal life, there really isn't one. I'm okay with that. My mind is hard to explain, there are so many sides to me but it's sort of like reaching for something with no end result. When I get my own fashion line, I probably still won't feel accomplished. I always want more for myself, which in my head, isn't a bad thing. This really feels like a milestone in my career. Feels like I'm actually accomplishing something for once. I really just want to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog, tumblr, twitter, instagram and is thanking me constantly for helping them help themselves. I probably would have given up a long time ago and not dealt with all the scrutiny. I swear as soon as I was featured, I called my mom, and then I ran to my social media accounts to share with you guys. I feel like it's an accomplishment for not only myself, but all of you who I feel are my team. You guys are fam. Also, I will be dancing around my house dressed up like Madonna with my fake blonde hair singing her Vogue song. It's only right.

Great Genes

Last month I flew to Montreal to shoot a video commercial with Addition Elle about great genes. Their commercial focuses on not only their great denim jeans but on accepting your great genes as an individual. Clever word play right? Pretty genius. I always love working with Addition Elle because they have such powerful and inspirational messages behind each campaign they do. One of my most frequently asked questions on my social media accounts is "how can I become a model like you?" I'm never quite sure how to answer that because I've sort of just winged my entire modeling career off of blogging. I can say though that this video commercial is the kick off of a huge model search Addition Elle is having that starts September 3rd. You can submit pictures starting September 3rd on Addition Elle's Facebook page! The winner will get a $1000 shopping spree at AE, participate in their next jean Summer photo shoot, and a chance to win a modeling contract with JAG model agency! It was so much fun shooting this video with bloggers Gabi Fresh and Karyn Johnson. All three of us had "I have great genes" written on different parts of our bodies. I had my writing on my lower back above my butt (because I love my curves and my rump obviously), Gabi had writing on her calves, and Karyn had the slogan on her upper shoulder. I hope you guys love the video and if you want to join their modeling search, now is your chance.

Diamond Life

"Dreams stop being dreams when I turned them into goals" -Big Sean

Diamond Supply. Hands down one of my favorite street wear brands. Thank you Mr. Amir Abbassy for this XL mens tee which I officially refuse to take off. I've been into wearing oversized men shirts as dresses and pairing them with heels. Roll up the sleeves, throw booty shorts on underneath and call it a day. I love the way blue and silver/grey look together. This past week I attended Big Sean's Hall of Fame listening and have to say it's a super dope album. I love hearing about people's success and how they do what needs to be done to make their dreams happen. Big Sean really gets that across.

Wearing: Diamond Supply Co. men's shirt, silver pointy heels, silver drop earrings, vintage clutch

I dream bigger than I live

"To want and to be ambitious and to want to be successful is not enough. That is desire. To know what you want, to understand why you’re doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body to achieve; if you feel you have something to give, if you have a particular talent is worth developing—worth caring for, there is nothing you can’t achieve." -Kevin Spacey

These are the final editorial shots I took with photographer Stanley Debas. We decided to do this series black and white. Is it possible for me to wear lace front wigs every day of my life? I love wearing my vintage pieces and making them look modern. Stanley and I loved the way these pictures came out so much we think we are going to do an editorial shoot monthly. A different theme each time which I'm extremely thrilled for. It keeps my mind constantly thinking about new projects. Hope you guys love them!

Wearing: Hips & Curves bondage bra, Hips & Curves plunge bra, boohoo pencil skirt, cap toe heels

Fashion Killa

What I love most about photo shoots is how easy it is to morph into whatever you're envisioning for that day. I was extremely excited when Stanley Debas asked to do an editorial shoot with me. The best thing about modeling is that the people who choose to work with me let me have tons of creative ideas behind what takes place so my personality shows through in the looks. It's basically like being a model and a personality. I had previously worked with him on a body positive campaign last year and have been a fan of his work since. This is just one outfit we shot out of 5 looks total so I'm giving you guys a little sneak peek. I'll release the other looks later on this week. I love that I was able to style myself. I wore this cut out swimsuits4all bathing suit that is everything and more. Their selection of swimsuits is crazyyyyy, there's no way you won't find the perfect one for you. These gladiator thigh highs have easily become my favorite statement heels. I'm also wear a gold collar necklace, boohoo pearl sunglasses, and a gold lion cuff. Keep an eye out this week for the other images!
Photography: Stanley Debas; Make up: @the1prentissanais; Hair: @kimthehairstylist

Looking like a bag of money

"Don't be afraid of failing. It's only through failure that you learn. It's okay to fail as long as you learn and don't repeat the same mistake again. It's only through experimentation that you find out how far you can push limits. I don't want to let go of my imagination that sees things that aren't there. To see the future, to design, to dream, and to build what has never existed."

Money talks. I've been into white lately, lots of gold, and graphic tops. I basically want anything with money print on it. I also rarely take my gold teeth out now and find myself consistently wearing this thick gold link necklace. I've been working on my new site and am excited to launch it soon. Is it really August already? Tomorrow, August 5th, my parents make their 30th anniversary. They're so beautiful.

Wearing: dollar top (similar)white leather skater skirtstrappy pointed heelsgold link chain