Rachel Roy - Redbook Magazine

Thrilled to be inside of the August 2013 issue of Redbook Magazine on Rachel Roy's style page. Back in the day, I worked at Macy's (it lasted 2 weeks, not kidding you) doing some visual merchandising work. I remember seeing Rachel's section and thinking I love her pieces because they were different from everyone elses on the sales floor. Six years later, I'm standing beside her in Redbook Mag. Pretty dope. I love how strong of an individual she is in person. She's sweet but at the same time knows exactly what needs to take place to execute her vision. Pick it up today, I'm on page 20!

Wearing (similar): white blazer, lace top, slim black pant, pointy heel


  1. Good job girl, go you go you!! lol

  2. Congrats, you looking amazing.

  3. it's nice that you were featured in Redbook. But I hate that they describe you as some random reader and not a professional model, and that the whole piece is on hiding your size rather than embracing your curves. Cute outfit, but the magazine has a long way to go.



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