"This duality of how do you navigate your way through this whole thing, you know...through success, through failures, through all of this and remain yourself? We dont have any rules, everyones trying to figure it out. We need to write the new rules." -Jay Z

Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail is everything I thought it'd be and more. Tom Ford, fuckwithmeyourknowigotit, and beach is better are my top favs in that order too. This London Times Fashion dress reminded me of my fun times in Miami. The vibrant colors, the color blocking, the summer time feel. I love clothing that evokes emotion and visually brings back memories of mine. I have horrible memory but some clothing pieces remind me of previous locations and time periods of my life. They have a specific feel to them that brings back a memory of an exact location. It's sort of like when you listen to a song and it reminds you of an exact feeling you had it life and you can relive that moment for those 3 minutes the song plays. Slicked my hair back for this one which I'm fond of, something slightly different. This week will be pretty hectic for me. I'm flying to Canada July 9th to team up with Addition Elle again for a video shoot. I fly out of NY July 9th, land in Montreal, shoot the 10th, and then fly back to NY again. Then the 11th, I fly back out of NY and am going to London until the 15h to team up with boohoo. Hectic schedule right? Hopefully I get to see some of you in London!

Wearing: London Times Fashion Colorblock Shutter Dress, JCP ankle strap heels, Urban Outfitters pink cat eye sunglasses,


  1. So fabulous! and those earrings are absolutely amazing. The shape is really chic. This dress is absolutely perfect for summer. I wish I could find decently priced maternity clothes like this.

  2. Busy babe! ,My favorites are Crown, Tom Ford, FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt...maybe in that order. It changes with my mood. Good luck and stay safe in all your travels.

  3. I love your title. I wish to realize it with you, a pretty girl.
    this new hairstyle gives your face exceptional beauty

  4. I love your title. I wish to realize it with you, a pretty girl. this new hairstyle gives your face exceptional beauty

  5. I love the combination of that dress and the sunglasses. It looks amazing!

  6. Gorgeous dress - love the colour!

  7. You are beautiful! Those earrings and those shades are fabulous and that dress is PHENOMENAL!

    And I agree that Magna Carta Holy Grail is the best thing to blast in my ears for years.

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