Arabian Goddess

"I'm doing music but there's a bigger plan for me. At a certain point, I wasn't given this power for no reason and now it's starting to open up. I was thinking about my funeral and thinking who would be at the funeral? People who I want to be at the funeral, I want to have world leaders that were affected that said Kanye gave me my shot here, or he pushed me, or he told me to believe in myself. Or when I saw this, it made me feel like that. I want to affect people like that when I pass away. --It's a pursuit and it's a responsibility. If people have done things before, you should be able to surpass them. It's like I'm on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum." -Kanye West

I have a lot to say this post. I usually hold back what's on my mind but I feel like sharing with everyone my current thoughts. Addition Elle, you are everything amazing for this one piece ruffled bathing suit. Most of the time when I get certain items of clothing, I can already envision how I'm going to wear it, how my hair and make up will be, and what scenery i'll be in front of. Really great swimsuits that catch my eye are hard to come by but this one piece is perfect. I'm becoming a fan of my slicked back hair. I always tried slicking it back when I had my really long hair but it never looked right so I stuck to my high buns. I have been eager to wear this Egyptian collar necklace since my mom gave it to me almost 3 years ago. I have been saving it for the perfect outfit. It is one of my all time favorite statement pieces. Also, can we discuss how my nails match perfectly with the teal stones in the necklace? These past few months I have had a lot on my mind. Thinking about my career, my place in the fashion world, and how I affect people's lives. Sometimes I tell myself not to talk about certain topics, this being one of them but nothing feels better than getting issues bothering you off your chest. As many events as I've gone to, dinner parties, photo shoots, the fakeness in this fashion world is at an all time high and I'm on my last thread with it. You blog some about your passion and people feel like they know you personally. Firstly, I want to say that I believe people think because I'm larger, they expect me to be more conservative. Which by now, you should know that will never happen. I'm not the girl next door look, I'm not the business woman look, I'm not the everyday wear look, I'm not the usual. I dress half naked, I'm risqué, my style is edgy. Not everyone can relate to me or my style and I don't expect them to. My career is in an industry that looks down upon people who don't conform. Fashion is about creating. Let me be myself without your criticism. I dislike using the word outcast because I don't ever see myself as a victim but I'm very much an outcast. Not because of my looks but my thought process. Trying to watch what you say, trying to watch what you do or wear because it might not be what brands or people like feels like a form of jail to me. Fashion right now feels like jail. It's suppose to be about expression and when I can no longer do that, I need to find other ways to express. What I'm really trying to say here is that I'm not going to mediate who I am as a person, what I say, how I dress, how I look for anyone or any brand. For brands, working with me is a risk in the sense that I'm not your everyday look, I say real things a lot of people are afraid to, I twerk, cursing is part of my everyday vocabulary, I wear gold teeth, I dress provocative, and these could possibly be turn offs. That is why I want to personally thank Addition Elle. They are a company who has genuinely studied me and my blog, knew what I was about, knew and understood the message I want to get across about truly loving yourself, truly accepting who you are, and regardless of my style, size, or personality, they have consistently believed in me. This company is so much more than stylish clothes, they are a brand that stands up for me and my movement and wants to bring better into this world through fashion. It's so important to stay yourself, especially in such a saturated business. Thank you again to Addition Elle and everyone who believed in me.

Wearing: Addition Elle ruffled swimsuit, mesh booties, Egyptian collar necklace (similar)

Crave Stability

"I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself." -Beth Ditto

It's taken some time for me to settle back in now that I'm back from traveling but happy to be back home to my normal routine. I'm happy about my tan going on right now from this sweltering sun. I'm going to keep it short this post because I have a ton to catch up on. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Wearing: leather ASOS baseball cap, faux leather sleeve top, leather skirt, platform ankle strap heels, gold hoop earrings

London Town

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Going to wrap up my London trip in this post. I landed in London and within an hour had to get to the hotel, drop my luggage off, then head straight to the photo shoot. The next day I met with Kareem Dennis (Lowkey), previous rapper, full-time political activist bringing awareness to the Middle East. An amazing human being all around. Sunday I hit the wireless music festival with boohoo and saw Legends of the Summer. Pretty hype for when ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg came on. I felt it was necessary to wear the flatform flag sneakers I had on. The last day of my trip, I met up with Dev from BBC Radio 1 for a photo shoot. I'm definitely excited for this collaboration. I'm sure I'll be putting the pictures up as soon as they come my way. All around, I had a great time in London and hope to make it back soon. Thank you tons to boohoo!

London through Instagram

I was most anxious to take pictures of the architecture. I was craving new inspiration so this trip was greatly needed.

Rachel Roy - Redbook Magazine

Thrilled to be inside of the August 2013 issue of Redbook Magazine on Rachel Roy's style page. Back in the day, I worked at Macy's (it lasted 2 weeks, not kidding you) doing some visual merchandising work. I remember seeing Rachel's section and thinking I love her pieces because they were different from everyone elses on the sales floor. Six years later, I'm standing beside her in Redbook Mag. Pretty dope. I love how strong of an individual she is in person. She's sweet but at the same time knows exactly what needs to take place to execute her vision. Pick it up today, I'm on page 20!

Wearing (similar): white blazer, lace top, slim black pant, pointy heel

Across the Pond

There isn’t anything noble about being superior to another person. True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were.

I shot with as soon as I touched down in London town. It was so much fun visiting their showroom and meeting a few other bloggers who are all from California. We all have our own individual styles that showed through in our group shot. Thank you so much to everyone at boohoo for bringing me out to London, it was a blast. I really love wearing sweatpants with heels. Mixing loose and form fitting pieces in one outfit can be incredibly flattering. After this photo shoot, we attended the wireless festival the following Sunday. I have pictures I'll be posting soon! London only lasted 3 days but can someone take be back forever? Thanks.

Wearing: boohoo drawstring sweats, ankle strap heels, scoop neck crop top, stud clutch (similar)

Feline Femme

People are more what they hide than what they show.

I just arrived back from London and am totally exhausted. I snapped these pictures right before I left my flight because I knew it would take me a few days to settle back in once I got back in. I told myself I'm going to take a break today and just chill out around the house but instead I'm rearranging all my furniture and cleaning up everything like a crazy lady. My next post, I'll get into more details on my trip in London and everything I did out there. I wanted something soft for this post since I've been wearing a lot of black lately. The Addition Elle skater skirt plays off well with light blue.

Wearing: Addition Elle skater skirt, boohoo cat ears, cream lace bra, blue button down top tan ankle strap heels

my beach is better

"Stay authentic and tell the story you want told and I guarantee folks will gravitate towards it. This won’t happen overnight but when it does your story will spread faster than the other narrative that wasn’t completely you. The music should always match and complement the artist." -Amir Abbassy

A few weeks ago I modeled for Rue107 and was grateful to be their plus size Summer ruegirl. There are so many flattering bathing suits and dresses. The high waisted Mickey Mouse bathing suit is my favorite for obvious reasons of me being a Floridian. We first did a rooftop shoot and then followed up with product shots so if you end up purchasing a piece, you'll be seeing my face!

Holy Grail

“Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.”

At the airport as I write this, headed to Canada for a video shoot. After this shoot, I head back to NY and then the next day take off to England. Super excited to finally cross the water to a foreign country. While there, I'll be visiting the boohoo showroom and shooting a video with them. Saturday is a free day so for sure i'll be wandering around snapping massive pictures of the beautiful architecture I've been dying to see. Then Sunday I'm off to the Wireless music festival where Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, and a ton of other artists perform. Just thinking about the trip to London has me inspired to step up my wardrobe even more. I definitely need this trip to bring me fresh thoughts. I've been low on inspiration lately. Wish me safe travels. Promise I'll take some dope pictures for you guys!

Wearing: boohoo tassel playsuit; tote purse (similar), pointed ankle strap heels


"This duality of how do you navigate your way through this whole thing, you know...through success, through failures, through all of this and remain yourself? We dont have any rules, everyones trying to figure it out. We need to write the new rules." -Jay Z

Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail is everything I thought it'd be and more. Tom Ford, fuckwithmeyourknowigotit, and beach is better are my top favs in that order too. This London Times Fashion dress reminded me of my fun times in Miami. The vibrant colors, the color blocking, the summer time feel. I love clothing that evokes emotion and visually brings back memories of mine. I have horrible memory but some clothing pieces remind me of previous locations and time periods of my life. They have a specific feel to them that brings back a memory of an exact location. It's sort of like when you listen to a song and it reminds you of an exact feeling you had it life and you can relive that moment for those 3 minutes the song plays. Slicked my hair back for this one which I'm fond of, something slightly different. This week will be pretty hectic for me. I'm flying to Canada July 9th to team up with Addition Elle again for a video shoot. I fly out of NY July 9th, land in Montreal, shoot the 10th, and then fly back to NY again. Then the 11th, I fly back out of NY and am going to London until the 15h to team up with boohoo. Hectic schedule right? Hopefully I get to see some of you in London!

Wearing: London Times Fashion Colorblock Shutter Dress, JCP ankle strap heels, Urban Outfitters pink cat eye sunglasses,

Fanny Packs & Stripes

In any area of the arts, you get maybe ten percent of people who are creative, original... and the rest are generally following on, copying.

Lets discuss these Addition Elle stripe skinny jeans. You usually see black and white stripes which reminds me of the circus but I love how these are black and a brownish/gray stripe pant. It still makes a statement in itself with the stripes but isn't overboard. The vertical stripes really elongate my legs even though I'm only 5ft 3in. My studded boohoo fanny pack is everything. I've weaved myself off of spikes and studs for some time now but I'm a fanny pack fiend. I could wear them with almost anything. I think my obsession with them started from my hometown Orlando. I'd see them constantly when I was little at Disney world. Plus, both my parents wore them all the time when I was a child. God, I miss my parents. Fanny packs will never go out of style in my eyes.

Wearing: Addition Elle Striped Skinny Jeans, strappy black heels, long sleeve crop top, studded fanny pack bag (similar looking clutch), silver drop vintage earrings