I'm the one to watch

"Know who you are and know it's enough."

Lets discuss my favorite finds. First off, these thigh high cut out heels. I've been fiend out for a pair and finally got them. Secondly, this Egyptian Queen Nefertiti brooch I found here in an Uptown thrift store. I not only found a gold one but a gold and black one too. Hands down my favorite thrift find to this day. This is off topic but my dream now is to move to Lebanon for 6 months and work with Elie Saab. We can all dream right? These shoes just remind me of how I need to step my shoe game up daily. Possibly going to start buying stripper shoes again. Someone stop me. Sike, no one can stop me.

Wearing: black cutout dress (similar); black blazer (similar), thrift Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Brooch, vintage earrings