Unreleased American Apparel photos

"What people say isn't going to stop me. I have to do things for myself." -Kate Moss

This time last year I was in Los Angeles shooting with American Apparel. It was such a fun and unique opportunity to be in such great company with so many talented people. My other pictures have been released but just found some that never have been. I was going through my room clearing out my stuff and came across them questioning why I never put them up to begin with. I'm wearing an AA stripe crop top and matching pencil skirt. I checked on their site and found the crop top and earrings still available. For New Years I ended up staying home and falling asleep. I woke up from all the fireworks going off on my block. I never wait for a new year to start new beginnings. You don't need a specific date to change your ways. Hope everyone has a great year and hope you have another prosperous one to come!

wearing: American Apparel stripe crop top; American Apparel 14KT gold hoop earrings