The Grumpy Cat

“Find your true path. It’s so easy to become someone we don’t want to be, without even realizing it’s happening. We are created by the choices we make every day. And if we take action in order to please some authority figure, we’ll suddenly wake up down the road and say, “This isn’t me. I never wanted to be this person.” -Richard Carlson

Tardar Sauce better known as the Grumpy Cat has to be one of the few things that makes me instantly smile and laugh every time I see him. I first saw him on my tumblr dashboard and once I saw the first picture, I ended up googling him for about a good hour. Since then he has become my desktop on my MacBook and the most reblogged animal on my tumblr. I found this Tardar Sauce crewneck sweater at Carraway Clothing. I can't stop incorporating cats in my wardrobe whether it be the Grumpy Cat or big cats like this Ouroboros Designs lion necklace. I haven't wore jeans on my blog in a while but these ASOS black skinny jeans are the perfect fit. It's hard to find a lot of jeans that fit nice when you have hips like mine.

wearing: black ASOS skinny jeans; Tardar Sauce crewneck from Carraway; silver shoemint heels; Ouroboros Designs lion necklace