spiked cap toe heels

"So I'm not trying to say what I'm doing is the most important thing that's happening on the planet. What I'm saying is, what I'm doing is necessary." -Kanye West

I've been wearing a lot of velvet lately, probably because it's winter appropriate. I was originally suppose to wear this dress to NYFW last season back in September but I didn't have these spike cap toe heels from GoJane so I refused. An outfit can only be worn the way I envision it, especially at fashion week. This dress use to be long but I brought it to the seamstress and had them take it in and up. I also told them to add the little slit for whatever reason I don't know. I figured it'd be cute haha. I didn't get to take any pictures of the back but it has a huge sheer diamond cutout.

wearing: spiked cap toe heels from GoJane; vintage dress and earrings