my silk will shock em.

“When people want to be liked for what they did, they should stop.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

I arrived in Florida last Thursday for a short three day vacation. It was pretty much spur of the moment. My sister had a flight for her birthday so she was already here when my dad randomly texted me telling me to look up tickets for the weekend so I can be home with the whole family. He loves me. I've missed almost everything about Florida. My family and select friends, the warm weather and not having to worry about putting enough layers of clothes on. I really took for granted the little things while living here. When I stepped foot back on Florida ground, I'd dodge the shade and run to every spot of sun I saw. I've also taken for granted the greenery, being able to look in all directions to see grass and full trees instead of cement and more cement. Since moving to New York I find myself zoning out more, not appreciating every day, not really living in every moment. The zoning out where you stare at nothing sort of in a daze like a zombie, dead thoughts. Everything has become routine. Work, work, and some more work. I can't see myself ever fully adapting to New York. On another note, I was able to take some pictures while out here. My one piece peplum jumpsuit is from ASOS. I knew I wanted to do a 50's inspired look when I saw it. Cat eye sunglasses, a red lip with a gold and black Chanel scarf tied around my head. I first ordered these black finger gloves for last fashion week but never got around to pairing them with anything. Speak of fashion week, I'll be preparing outfits pretty soon for February!

wearing: ASOS peplum frill jumpsuit; Chanel scarf; Qupid pumps; cat eye sunglasses


My favorite items from ASOS Curve which I need asap.