excellence is the bare minimum

"Always get your vision out exactly how you planned it" -Big Sean

Anyone who follows my tumblr or instagram knows I have an obsession with cats so this high low cheetah dress was only right for my body. I'm not talking about cheetah print but full fledge cheetahs being printed on this dress. I wore it once to the Wendy Williams show and got a ton of questions on where I got it from so the link is below for any of you that are just as obsessed with cats as I am. I do not care how dangerous any large cat is, cheetah, lion, lynx, I want them all. When I was growing up, all my mom allowed was cats in our household, lots of them. I had no problem not having a dog. Sometimes I feel like I'm one of those old crazy cat ladies, which is also fine with me. I just bought a new camera lens last night that I can't wait to test. Next blog post I'm sure you'll be able to notice the difference, compare the quality to these pictures to the new ones. These ankle booties look high but are super comfortable to walk in. I've been writing an article for The Huffington Post about body image and the more I really sit and think about society and the media's affect on how people feel about themselves really upsets me. Making this post real quick because I'm in the process of finishing up this article. Hope everyone has a happy holiday! xo

wearing: black high-low animal print dress from; chunky heel booties; NARS satin lipstick