celebrate originality

"The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck." -Tony Robbins

I had the privilege of attending the Stoli event last Thursday the 29th at Studio 450 for There was a live performance by Nina Sky, who ended up singing one of my throwback songs, 'hold you down'. There was an art exhibit by Jeremyville and Charlie Becker. The line up of models in the picture below was a presentation by Nary Manivong. I couldn't take my eyes off of the lime green structured dress. I think it's important to appreciate all forms of art whether if be music, fashion, photography and media. What I really enjoyed the most about the entire night was spending time with my sister and close friends. I never really go out often because I'm pretty slammed with work so it was nice for a change to get out, dance a little and meet people. The view on the rooftop had the red lit Empire State building in sight. The DJ played Big L and Biggie Smalls at one point which shocked me but of course had me extremely hype. Good music and good people. This gorgeous lady in blue below came and asked if I was Nadia. She told me how much she loved my blog and I couldn't thank her enough. It's always so touching that people even recognize me or spot me out. I love getting to meet the people who support me, it means everything to me. I basically want to say thank you to Daniel and Rebecca of Socialyte for the invite. I had so much fun. Also, happy birthday to my sister Alya! I love you. xo


I had a little shopping event at my old apartment this past Friday, November 30th. I had some lovely ladies show up who I had so much fun with! Thank you to all of you who stopped by and showed support! Hope you love wearing the clothes.