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“Everybody look at you strange, say you changed, like you work that hard to stay the same.” -JayZ

I took these pictures last week when I was in Florida. It was so much fun seeing my best friend Shevah who runs her own vintage shop called Vacant Moon Vintage. I kept it a secret that I was coming, which is the hardest thing to do when you tell your best friend almost everything. The same day I flew into Florida, I took a picture of myself standing below her street sign, added it to instagram and tagged her name so she'd instantly see where I was. Three minutes later, I see her running outside her front door in excitement. Her jaw dropped and eyes got bigger than they already are (she has oversized Persian eyes). I basically jumped out of the car and balled my eyes out. I went up to her room where she has racks of vintage items and this teal sheer top instantly caught my eye. I knew I needed to do a post with it. The warm weather in Florida really let me go back to wearing what I want, barely anything. Shevah has to be the only one who has continuously been there for me. In the fashion world, a lot of people aren't sincere. It's refreshing having someone there beside you who has seen your success from the start. She has to be the only one close enough to me to hold any weight. I've had plenty of people throughout the years tell me I've 'changed', I'm not who I use to be as if changing my actions were for the worse. I let people think what they may. I can honestly say, when I do reach the level of success I want, her and my family will be the only ones seeing all of it. I love you. xo

wearing: teal sheer blouse from Vacant Moon Vintage; black UNIF Hellbounds; black mini bodycon skirt



  1. I love your blouse and hairstyle Nadia.

    See you!

  2. You are so gorgeous and your outfit is darling!

  3. U are fantastic Nadie!! =) So sexy, the colour blouse is lovely, and ur high heels...OH MY GOD!! =D

    Hugs from

  4. It's great to hear that you have someone who has been by your side since the beginning. that's super sweet how you surprised her <3 . cheers to your continued success.

  5. such a cute and sweet surprise!
    you look so rad!

  6. You are working that hair! I love your fearless style

  7. I love ur BLOG omg , and the style and everything beyond :)

  8. Dear god you are smoking in this outfit. I can't take itttt! Love the story with Shevahh, so freckin sweet. I'd totally be a mess if my best friend did this with me.

  9. What a fun way to surprise your friend! I love the shirt on you too!


  10. That blouse is perfect on you, love the line between naked and clothed! haha :)

    <3 Megan

  11. Love the look, so daring! Reminded me of the Christopher Kane s/s 2013 sheer shirt though worn in a really different way:)

  12. You are amazingly pretty.

  13. love this outfit :)

    You are amazing woman and you inspiring me.

    xoxo, Patrycja Suz

  14. Wow,
    I love your new hair.
    I've never thought that shorter hair can look more feminine but it does!
    I have very long hair myself (about 90 cm) and I'm scared to layer theme or even cut a few cm to make theme stronger... You gave me the power to do it finally after thinking of it for to many months. :)
    Thank You Nadia!



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