focus your energy

“You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. Put your future in good hands: your own." -Mark Victor Hansen

Earlier this morning I had a photoshoot with Refinery 29 for curvy blogger street style. I'm anxious to see which final shots make the cut. I've been drawn to lots of green recently, possibly because a few weeks ago when my family was in town, we took a trip to upstate New York. The scenery there was breathtaking. This color block skater dress from boohoo flatters basically all body shapes and these Matiko heels from Solestruck are the perfect height. It's been getting too cold for me to bare so close toe heels are more realistic. I get asked frequently where I get inspiration. I try to explain that it comes from anyone or anything. This and last post were influenced by that trip. The scenery slightly reminds me of 'What Dreams May Come,' which is one of my favorite movies. The entire concept of the movie is really moving and life changing. I don't want to ruin the movie for any of those who have yet to see it but love that each person's heaven and hell differed. What you imagined it to be was what it was. Your own heaven and hell were what you made it up to be in your head. That's pretty much how I think about life. Life in general is what we make it up to be. We control our choices and decisions. You can focus on the negative or you can focus on the positive. You control what controls you. Really love the entire idea behind that.

wearing: boohoo colorblock skater dress; solestruck matiko fleur heels