cats and leather

“You don't need to change your opinion. You need to stop imposing them on other people. Other people don't exist for your opinion nor does the world operate around it. Everyone has basic ownership of their beliefs. No one should be ridiculed for exercising it."

Things have been picking up for me this month. I was featured in The New York Time's style section so things have been pretty hectic. I love that New York Time's quoted me from my interview stating "If you’re fashionable, you’re fashionable regardless of size." I've been on the search for a new apartment here in the city which has consumed an enormous amount of my time. I want it to be easier for my readers to shop the clothes I'm wearing or at least something similar. From now on, the exact link to purchase the item will be pasted below. If it isn't the EXACT item, i'll paste a link to a similar item. I've been getting so many messages on where I purchased what I'm wearing so I'm trying to make it easier for my viewers. The green military style jacket has leather sleeves which go so well with my high waisted shorts. I've been seeing so many of these bat bags everywhere. My khaki wedges are MIA that I purchased from Marshalls almost a year ago so there no where to be found but these boot wedges are incredibly similar. I know, I'm in love with cats. It was only right to wear this cat crop top from 1AEON. Hope everyone had a great weekend! xo KLAE!

wearing: green boohoo jacket with leather sleeves; 1AEON cat crop top; oasap bat bag