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"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all" -Anna Quindlen

Thank you to Brazil's Gloss Magazine who did an internet feature on me a few months back and recently did a spread of me on their published magazine this month. To get an ENTIRE spread on an international magazine is difficult to fathom. I am usually incredibly hard on myself because I don't feel I'm as successful as I could or should be. Seeing two pages focused solely on myself in an entirely different language makes me realize I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Being your own worst critic is a good and bad quality. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so feel it's necessary to recognize what all I am grateful for. I give thanks to my family who has always been so supportive of me throughout so many years when I saw a vision for myself a lot of other people couldn't. I always want to say thank you so all my viewers who saw something in me that sometimes I even question. You guys never doubted me. I love all of you. Like I said in my last post, I'll be moving into a new apartment on December 1st so I rummaged through my closet and pulled out numerous things I don't need anymore. I'm having a small selling event at my place on Friday, November 30th from 5-8 pm for anyone who wants to come by and shop my closet. For the exact address, email me at! Hope to see some of you there. Everyone have an amazing Thanksgiving.



  1. wow… congrats! they picked some of my favorite outfits/looks you've put together. love your style.. you are gorgeous! xoxo

  2. congrats !!
    you deserve this for sure!

  3. Hello, Nadia!

    I'm from Brazil and I'm very very happy to see you in one of our magazines!
    Here, we are in a figth with brands and stores to get bigger sizes!
    It's really difficult to find something size 46 (at US as 12 and Europe as 44).
    Glad to see you and others brazilian bloggers gaining fashion ground and helping girls to get more confidence to feel pretty! :)
    You are amazing and I am your big fan!

  4. Congrats! You are on fire girl! I am so happy for you and thankful for you paving the way for all chicas with curves

  5. Sou uma fã do Brasil e vou comprar a revista. Parabéns!

  6. Hi there! Amazing to see you there at Glosses pages... Funny thing is that I'm brazilian and I've known your blog for a loooong time, and ppl here don't get to like curvy girls blogs...
    You know, we barely can buy good and beautiful clothes at normal stores... Normally we have to try something at stores there are strictly directed to "fat people". The problem is that they don't care about shaping, colors, trends... You can go out easily looking like your grandma, it's just disgusting. Being curvy in Brazil is a tough, tough question, and the same mag that gave you some pages, have all the others pages with REALLY skinny girls talking about how amazing is to be thin and so be on trends.

  7. Você é linda!!You are so beatiful!!Margarida(Ja Maga)

  8. I'm brazilian and i'm a BIG FAN of you!!! You inspire me :)) Thank you, so much! xoxo

  9. Hello, Nadia!

    I have two blogs plus size here in Brazil and you are a inspiration for many bloggers and curvy girls!



    Alinne Rosa

  10. Hello Nadia, I am Brazilian and knew your blog by a blogger indication of the Gloss magazine's "Ju Romano" you and she became my inspiration and every day that passes I understand that I have to love me the way I am, each has its beauty and I know I have mine.
    Thank you! Congratulations on your hard work and success!

  11. Hey, Nadia!

    I'm brazilian. This article in the magzine made me discover your blog. I've been visiting it since then. I admire your self steem and I wish I had the same courage to wear whatever I want, no matter what people think. Love your looks and also the quotes in each publication. Very inspiring!

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