boots and beanies

“What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you"

Most of the time I'm home working on projects so it's rare that I actually hang out with someone. I've noticed over time the more you are constantly around a person, the more they influence you. The way they speak, the moves they make and definitely the way they dress. The guy who does my sketches for my designs, who is also a graffiti artist, constantly wears beanies. Can you tell it's rubbed off on me? I have been on a serious apartment search this past month and finally found a cute 3 bedroom in Manhattan and officially been approved for it. Looks like I'll be moving on November 30th! I love new beginnings. Since I'll be moving, I'll be getting rid of half my closet and adding new items to my shop. What is everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? Wish I could be spending that time with my family!

wearing: 80's crop wilson leather jacket; jeffrey campbell combat boots; grey beanie; h&m pants