vintage army green dress

"It's crazy and it's delusional before it comes into fruition. You always got to see the end goal and everything else is just filling in the blanks." -Kanye West

Holy God. This outfit had to have been the hardest pictures I've ever had to narrow down. I've had this army green 1980's vintage dress for over a year now and have yet to wear it once. I have no clue why I kept it in the back of my closet for so long, I think it's because I wanted to make the dress shorter to show off more leg. In Florida, I liked keeping my dresses short mini. Living in New York for the past 7 months has somewhat changed my mind. Leather is really in this season. Well, when has it ever really been out of trend? There are so many details in this dress but clearly still incredibly simple. The leather v-shaped panel on the upper back and the loose under arms that are straight 80's are my favorite parts of this vintage dress. I wore my hair up again. Not so much a bun but more like a giant unicorn horn which is clearly what I was going for since I'm in love with unicorns. haha. I never wear tons of make-up because I like my followers to see what I look like. This post I chose to wear eye shadow which is extremely rare for me. I wore gold and dark brown eye shadow to compliment the army green colored dress. I badly want to walk this weekend for the Breast Cancer Society here in NYC. I want to get a ton of my followers to get together for a good cause and join me in the walk. If any of you in the New York area want to walk alongside myself, write me and we will all set up the time!

1980's vintage army green dress; vintage earrings; two gold vintage watches



  1. that dress is everything. I love that i has pockets. love the leather, love the length, the color...just everything! fantastic


  2. i love your hair!

  3. Hy Nadia, you are looking beautiful. Today you are the perfect mixture of Frida Khalo & Gloria Estefan. I hope youi like them too. Kindest regards Stefanie (Mrs Rubens)

  4. the structure of the dress is so unique and eye-catchy.
    and i just recognized that tattoo--really cool, i'm thinking of getting a tattoo myself haha

    Putri Soe

  5. This is a stunning little number! I have hung ont o so many vintage pieces that belonged to my mom and I do the same thing....for some reason I let it hang in the back of the closet.

    This colour is stunning.

  6. Fabulous. And I think it's better you kept the length. The dress makes more sense like this.

  7. Girl you are crazy! And I mean that in the best fashion way possible. Fierce from head to toe.

  8. Absolutely LOVE this, Nadia. <3


  9. hey, i just found out your blog and loved your fierce style! your outfits are so daring and i'm amazed by your vintage items, they're so beautiful <3 i already became a follower ;)

    if you want to check out mine, here i am:
    xx, eda

  10. I'm lovin this look...You look marvelous from head to toe..the leather work that wraps around the shoulders...Paired with the nude shoe..perfect...I love it when you rock looks like this..very classy!

  11. you hairs...omg, PERFECT!and that dress???it's amazing, really!never saw something like that!!!

  12. SO CUTE! I just posted on my blog about plus size fashion sites and shops for women. I would love some feedback to see if I have missed any! I want to provide a list of stores that will give women the resources to make women of all sizes to feel great about themselves. Check it out!

  13. WOW this dress suits you 110%! Loving the nude pumps, who are they by? x

  14. You have over 1 Million page views...Holy Moly! Not that I'm shocked, just glad to be able to watch the movement. mucLuv

  15. Gorgeous. And your hair reminds me of one of the muses in the movie Xanadu, which is incredibly awesome.



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