stepped up another level.

“We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy."

The dedication I have for my blog, my career and followers in fashion is incredibly ridiculous. As most of you know, New York was hit by hurricane Sandy. I have been taking advantage of the time off to answer emails and take blog pictures. Right after it really stormed I jumped on the opportunity in the windy/rainy cold weather to take these pictures. I had it good during the hurricane but not so great with my car and phone which are my necessities. Can we discuss these incredibly large oversized broad shoulders on my black 80's mini dress? I wore it back in May to my Shop and Swap event held at Tammany Hall in NYC. Anyways, big news...a few months back I mentioned that I was keeping a secret. My fans who follow my instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr most likely read my big secret. I am Lucky Magazine's December Lucky Girl!! Eeeeekkk! I'm so super hype. My feature will come out in their December magazine issue that hits stands around mid-November. Everyone make sure they go pick up a copy of that! For the mean time, they put me on their website so everyone check it out. Nadia Aboulhosn, December Lucky Girl

black vintage 80's mini dress; black open-toe heels;