change is essential.

“I always say: to be well dressed you must be well naked.” -Oscar De La Renta

Surprise, I cut off my hair! For weeks I've been contemplating cutting off the majority of my hair. Fashion is all about constantly changing yourself and stepping away from comfort zones. There are so many reasons I wanted to cut it all off. The first reason being I don't like being labeled. Having my long hair started becoming a signature statement which I really have tried my entire fashion career to stay away from. I didn't want to be known for ONE thing. I'm too diverse and indescribable. I'm bold with fashion, why not with my hair? There are so many good qualities and features about me and I didn't want my hair to be the most recognized. My eyebrows being a statement, now that's what I'm okay with being known for. Although I love Kim Kardashian, I was being compared to her, possibly because my curves and hair. Love her, but don't like being compared to anyone in general. I also feel like my hair was making me more of a sex symbol than anything. I'd rather be respected in fashion than known as a sex symbol. Both would be nice though. Before Spring 2013 fashion week I found this vintage teal dress. I mentioned that I took a few dresses to the seamstress for alterations. Well this was the dress they completely butchered. I asked them to make it a high low dress, gradually going from short to long. Well, he clearly didn't understand me and made it a blunt butler cut. I ended up not wearing it to fashion week and saved it for a post. Well I hope you guys like my new hair because I love it, if not, it's too late. haha! Everyone have a safe Halloween.

vintage teal butler dress; h&m pastel heels