stepped up another level.

“We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy."

The dedication I have for my blog, my career and followers in fashion is incredibly ridiculous. As most of you know, New York was hit by hurricane Sandy. I have been taking advantage of the time off to answer emails and take blog pictures. Right after it really stormed I jumped on the opportunity in the windy/rainy cold weather to take these pictures. I had it good during the hurricane but not so great with my car and phone which are my necessities. Can we discuss these incredibly large oversized broad shoulders on my black 80's mini dress? I wore it back in May to my Shop and Swap event held at Tammany Hall in NYC. Anyways, big news...a few months back I mentioned that I was keeping a secret. My fans who follow my instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr most likely read my big secret. I am Lucky Magazine's December Lucky Girl!! Eeeeekkk! I'm so super hype. My feature will come out in their December magazine issue that hits stands around mid-November. Everyone make sure they go pick up a copy of that! For the mean time, they put me on their website so everyone check it out. Nadia Aboulhosn, December Lucky Girl

black vintage 80's mini dress; black open-toe heels;


change is essential.

“I always say: to be well dressed you must be well naked.” -Oscar De La Renta

Surprise, I cut off my hair! For weeks I've been contemplating cutting off the majority of my hair. Fashion is all about constantly changing yourself and stepping away from comfort zones. There are so many reasons I wanted to cut it all off. The first reason being I don't like being labeled. Having my long hair started becoming a signature statement which I really have tried my entire fashion career to stay away from. I didn't want to be known for ONE thing. I'm too diverse and indescribable. I'm bold with fashion, why not with my hair? There are so many good qualities and features about me and I didn't want my hair to be the most recognized. My eyebrows being a statement, now that's what I'm okay with being known for. Although I love Kim Kardashian, I was being compared to her, possibly because my curves and hair. Love her, but don't like being compared to anyone in general. I also feel like my hair was making me more of a sex symbol than anything. I'd rather be respected in fashion than known as a sex symbol. Both would be nice though. Before Spring 2013 fashion week I found this vintage teal dress. I mentioned that I took a few dresses to the seamstress for alterations. Well this was the dress they completely butchered. I asked them to make it a high low dress, gradually going from short to long. Well, he clearly didn't understand me and made it a blunt butler cut. I ended up not wearing it to fashion week and saved it for a post. Well I hope you guys like my new hair because I love it, if not, it's too late. haha! Everyone have a safe Halloween.

vintage teal butler dress; h&m pastel heels


vintage army green dress

"It's crazy and it's delusional before it comes into fruition. You always got to see the end goal and everything else is just filling in the blanks." -Kanye West

Holy God. This outfit had to have been the hardest pictures I've ever had to narrow down. I've had this army green 1980's vintage dress for over a year now and have yet to wear it once. I have no clue why I kept it in the back of my closet for so long, I think it's because I wanted to make the dress shorter to show off more leg. In Florida, I liked keeping my dresses short mini. Living in New York for the past 7 months has somewhat changed my mind. Leather is really in this season. Well, when has it ever really been out of trend? There are so many details in this dress but clearly still incredibly simple. The leather v-shaped panel on the upper back and the loose under arms that are straight 80's are my favorite parts of this vintage dress. I wore my hair up again. Not so much a bun but more like a giant unicorn horn which is clearly what I was going for since I'm in love with unicorns. haha. I never wear tons of make-up because I like my followers to see what I look like. This post I chose to wear eye shadow which is extremely rare for me. I wore gold and dark brown eye shadow to compliment the army green colored dress. I badly want to walk this weekend for the Breast Cancer Society here in NYC. I want to get a ton of my followers to get together for a good cause and join me in the walk. If any of you in the New York area want to walk alongside myself, write me and we will all set up the time!

1980's vintage army green dress; vintage earrings; two gold vintage watches


colorblock illusion dress

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." -Thomas Jefferson

The weather in New York is getting pretty cold so this is probably one of the last times I'm going to be showing this much skin. The cold is unbearable for a Florida girl. I really love this yellow and black colorblock dress. The design of it reminds me of the illusion Stella McCartney dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore a couple months back to the 2012 Grammys. I obviously have curves but the design of the dress makes it appear that I have more. I use to be so against wearing my hair up, but lately I can't help but wear it in a high bun or ponytail. Not really sure where it came from. I think it was during fashion week when I tried stepping out my comfort zones, wearing my hair down being one of them. As you guys know, I'm obsessed with cats. If I'm not instagramming cats, then I'm on tumblr reblogging them, especially lions and tigers. I was taking these pictures uptown, near 170th street and this cute kitty kept coming up to me for attention. As you can see in the picture, this is how excited I get whenever I'm around them. I don't have any pets now that I live in NY, they're all back home in Florida. A guy walked by and called him yellow, I think Yellow was the building cat. Clearly this cat is orange and not yellow but I still wanted to snatch him up and take him home. The picture where I'm smiling, I'm actually screaming how cute he was and doing my baby voice that I only use while speaking to animals.

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iheartposhshoppe dress; vintage earrings and clutch


genius level talent.

"We all have genius level talent, we just have to find out what you're genius at and apply ourselves in a way that supports that genius. First recognize that genius, then believe in it. You avoid all the outside noise. People put their fears and their insecurities on you so you cant reach your full potential. Don't let all the outside things get in the way. -JayZ

A few weeks back I was asked to call into New Orlean's radio station WBOK to discuss Fall trends on their morning show. I spoke about peplum tops being a huge trend this season and seeing it reappear on the runway during NY fashion week. I also spoke about Fall 2012 colors being deep purples and cobalt blue. I basically put together an outfit that incorporated both the peplum trend and cobalt blue. The blue high waisted pants are from iheartposhshoppe and are super comfortable. Every outfit post I do I have to make sure the background that is going to be in my photos match the feel of the outfit. There was a tunnel near the George Washington Bridge that had a ton of graffiti in it and thought the different colors would bring out the outfit more. Saturday night I went to Jay-Z's 8th show at Barclay Stadium. I was definitely in a drought, being less inspired by the day until I saw him perform. It could have been the lyrics and choice of songs he rapped, the speeches he gave all his fans, the thought that despite his setbacks he now has his own arena even though it was a 10 year process. It sometimes takes seeing others accomplishments and them reminding you that you're just as talented in your own craft. He definitely gave me life again that night. The quote above is word for word what he said during the show.


sheinside peplum top; iheartposhshoppe blue pants; jessica simpson heels


feelings are the only facts.

"Feelings are the only facts" -Kanye West

I was feeling black and white today, very late 80's early 90's. 'Couture Not War', I love this motto. It couldn't get any clearer. I cut the letters out, made it a crop top, and then pinned the words on with safety pins to sort of make it my own style. Believe it or not, I've actually never worn my hair like this. I was hesitant on a part down the middle, slicked back ponytail. These pants have straps, which I chose to wear down. They remind me of Madonna's androgynous pantsuit she wore on tour in the 90's. Can I just add that I love having small breasts? This is the first time I'm witnessing seasons changing. Living in Florida my entire life, I never really saw anything other than hurricanes. I'm not a fan of the cold or the snow either, but this weather is perfect for me. The only time I really saw seasons other than summer is when my mom use to take us to West Virginia when we were little. I love the leaves changing and the smell of Fall. Speaking of, my parents are coming to NY to see me! So excited.

'couture not war' tee c/o [PULP]; vintage 80's pants and earrings