queen boss don.

"If we magnified our success as much as we magnify our disappointments, we'd all be much happier."

Remember those fashion week dresses I was getting tailored? Yeah, the man definitely butchered my favorite vintage dress. I'm quickly trying to resolve it by adding more fabric, making it a color block dress. I'm still debating on that though. Who all is doing fashion week? Hope to see everyone there! I have a HUGE surprise that I am dying to tell my Nadia Nation but am keeping it under wraps until closer date. I always do that, keep my features a secret until it's almost ready to come out because it's still doesn't feel real, like it's really going to happen. When I was on The View, I got my hair and make up done, ran through rehearsal, and still didn't believe it was happening until I was in line to walk on stage. Same thing with American Apparel and Seventeen Magazine. It didn't seem like real life until it published and I could go to the store, pick up a magazine, and see my picture in it. I can't wait to fill everyone in. Hope you guys have a good week!

oasap booties; YOURS Clothing red leggings; tikedi shredded cardigan