watching my throne.

"There are only 2 choices; make progress or make excuses." -Ellen Mikesell

My entire life I've been use to doing so much for others that it became difficult to focus solely on myself. Somehow, I was always able to keep progressing in my life toward my own goals. Now I guard my accomplishments with my life. Watching my throne and not letting anyone step on or take away what I've built this far for myself has to be one of my greatest traits. I've come to the conclusions that I treat my fashion career like it's my child. haha. My sister and I were driving, saw these gold doors, and she looked at me like...umm you need to take pictures there immediately. Anything gold is my favorite. I knew with this dress I wanted to wear my hair in an incredibly high ponytail. I make it a point to do so many looks that people don't really know how or what to label me. So add this one to your books.

embellished dress from sheinside; mesh peep toe heels from chinese laundry