lavender lace.

"I can fall in love but I can't fall in line."

There is this gorgeous church off 110th street that I knew I needed to take pictures at once I found something pretty enough to wear to it. For those who don't know, my favorite fashion designer is Elie Saab. This dress looks almost like something Elie Saab would make for his runway line, I knew I couldn't wait to have it. There are just so many details I love about this dress. The lavender, because it's clearly my favorite color, the sheer parts of the dress that reveal my skin underneath, the layered lace, the cinched waist. Everything about this gown is perfection. It's fairy-like, I'm not even kidding you. I parked my car on a side street to walk over to the church and take pictures with my sister. I'm forcing my sister to hold the train of the dress up so it doesn't get ruined while crossing the street and a group of guys scream out to me "you look awesome!" My sister, being incredibly hilarious as she always is, screams back to them "MY SISTER'S GETTING MARRIED!" So all the guys kept congratulating me and going on and on about it, so of course I played along saying thank you back and acted super happy in love walking to the church. haha. Funny times. Hope everyone is having a great week!
Lara gown; candies heels, vintage pearl drop earrings