forever young.

"Always control your emotions and never allow temporary defeat to prevent you from achieving your true desires. The key to success is staying in control of your emotions, regardless of the situation, and using them to propel you forward."

I constantly get questions on where I get the majority of my clothes from, especially where to get plus size jeans. For those who are looking for plus size high waisted jeans that are super cute, need to go to Blu Blush and check out their selection. I have a ton of followers that range from every body type. I wanted to take time to focus on the plus size community since they are incredibly supportive of me. A few weeks back I did a photoshoot for Shop Tikedi. Of course, she was so lovely to gift me some of her shredded pieces which I became incredibly obsessed with. I'll be doing a post soon with some of the photos from the shoot. I love summer time in NYC. My skin has been incredibly pale since I've moved here from Florida. This past weekend I dedicated some time to tanning and getting color back which makes me miss my routines in Florida. Hope everyone has a fun and safe July 4th!

studded blu blush shorts; american apparel bra; shoptikedi shredded top