stand out by any means.

"If you want to change your life, raise your standards" -Tony Robbins

Yesterday, I just got done recording with The View as a hair model. It will be airing Friday, May 4th on ABC so keep an eye out for that! Tonight is the night I'm co-hosting the Shop & Swap event at Tammany Hall from 6-9 PM in NYC! I hope to see all of you out there. Here are a few pictures from when I was in Florida last week. I think I forgot how much clothes and heels I still had back in my old room, especially forgot this amazing jumpsuit. I love that everything is mesh except for the pockets right over my my chest. I also move into my apartment today in the city! I have soooooo many things I have to do but I'll manage. Being busy is better than being bored. Hope everyone has a great week and hope to see everyone at the event tonight!

thrifted jumpsuit & belt, charlotte russe heels