im the business, im a business.

“Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.” -Edward Eggleston

Thanks to Derrick Woodyard, who is not only a great friend of mine but also one of my most favorite director/cinematographer/editors ever, I have some footage. He's seriously perfect at what he does. I took him along with me for my Shop & Swap event I co-hosted in NYC on May 1st. It's hard to really get my personality across through blogging since photos can only show so much. With Derrick, he captures it so well. I promise eventually I'll start doing more videos, if I can make time for it. haha. By the way, quick update, I'm shooting again this Friday with Seventeen Magazine for the third time! Yayy! I'm hype. I love working with them. It's for their September 2012 Issue so keep an eye out for that people! Everyone check out more of Derrick and his work below!

Derrick Woodyard Vimeo; Derrick Woodyard Twitter