take charge of your life.

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." -Raymond Hull

Now that I live in NY, I have a new technique for when I pick out ensembles. I go through so many phases that it's hard to choose which ones to post on my blog and which to leave out. So I wear outfits I think are the best and walk around the city to see people's reactions, facial expressions, and comments. If people give compliments, it's a given to put up on here. If people give bad stares, then for sure, it's a good outfit. The majority of people give bad stares when it's not something they're use to, so their reaction at first is to automatically be negative since they aren't familiar to change. This outfit was one of them. Wearing a drug awareness jacket in the hood is the funnest thing I've done in a while. I've always been big on reality. Accepting reality for what it is and choosing to deal with it makes you a stronger person than resorting to a substance to make you feel better momentarily. After it wears off, it brings you back to the same reality that you didn't want to deal with in the first place. I remember when I was little how big D.A.R.E. was at my school, how interested I was in it, the plays they had, and how weak the people who got peer pressured looked. I use to always think about D.A.R.E. whenever someone tried persuading me to do something. Not just with drugs, but with anything really. Anything that had to do with conforming to what they wanted me to be. D.A.R.E. for me isn't just about drug awareness, it's about daring to be different, being opposed to the typical, not forming into something other people want you to be. I swear I should be a brand ambassador for them haha. Can we discuss my high bun on top of my hat? haha I love it. On another note, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Thank you Monroe for taking my pictures!

thrifted corset, skirt & hat, bakers platform heels, D.A.R.E. jacket from here


im the business, im a business.

“Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.” -Edward Eggleston

Thanks to Derrick Woodyard, who is not only a great friend of mine but also one of my most favorite director/cinematographer/editors ever, I have some footage. He's seriously perfect at what he does. I took him along with me for my Shop & Swap event I co-hosted in NYC on May 1st. It's hard to really get my personality across through blogging since photos can only show so much. With Derrick, he captures it so well. I promise eventually I'll start doing more videos, if I can make time for it. haha. By the way, quick update, I'm shooting again this Friday with Seventeen Magazine for the third time! Yayy! I'm hype. I love working with them. It's for their September 2012 Issue so keep an eye out for that people! Everyone check out more of Derrick and his work below!

Derrick Woodyard Vimeo; Derrick Woodyard Twitter


limits are self-imposed.

“If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be. ” -Dale Carnegie

Everything is starting to finally come together with my apartment. I officially moved in but now I just have to work on organizing everything. This past week has been super busy for me. Who was able to watch me on The View? Thank you for those who did. For the people who missed it, I'm in the works on getting an official link. I also attended my Shop&Swap event and had so much fun meeting my followers and seeing everyone. Thank you to the people who came out. I just have to say, now that I'm officially living in NY, in my own apartment, once I get COMPLETELY settled in...it's a wrap. It's going to be so incredibly mentally retarded how hard I'm going to be going in, so wild that no one's going to be able to stop me. Watch. haha. On that note, here's a little something to hold you guys over until I'm entirely settled in. When my apartments finished, I'll be sure to dedicate a post just to the interior decorations.

orange forever 21 dress; baker heels; gold egyptian bracelet


stand out by any means.

"If you want to change your life, raise your standards" -Tony Robbins

Yesterday, I just got done recording with The View as a hair model. It will be airing Friday, May 4th on ABC so keep an eye out for that! Tonight is the night I'm co-hosting the Shop & Swap event at Tammany Hall from 6-9 PM in NYC! I hope to see all of you out there. Here are a few pictures from when I was in Florida last week. I think I forgot how much clothes and heels I still had back in my old room, especially forgot this amazing jumpsuit. I love that everything is mesh except for the pockets right over my my chest. I also move into my apartment today in the city! I have soooooo many things I have to do but I'll manage. Being busy is better than being bored. Hope everyone has a great week and hope to see everyone at the event tonight!

thrifted jumpsuit & belt, charlotte russe heels