instinctive urge for growth.

"I have no problem with whatever the next big look is. Just don't try to tell me that only one look is beautiful." -Alek Wek

Guess what? I've been featured in REFINERY 29! YAY! Everyone check out my feature HERE! The thing I love most about moving to New York is meeting and collaborating with creative people who have as much passion for what they do as me. Working with people who genuinly have love for their art constantly inspires me. Ive been patiently waiting for a warmer day in NY so I can bust out my high waisted under garments. A warm day finally came and I quickly grabbed my almost see through Nation Ltd. maxi dress and then threw on a blouse over. I love mixing different hues together, its been my new thing lately. When I found out Melo-X, a creative music, fashion, and art genius made denim accessories, I had to have them. I was able to exclusively get a denim headband and matching ring way before anyone can even purcahse them. This is just a small preview of his accessories that he'll be launching in the next few months when he comes off tour. I'll keep you guys updated when his accessories launch, but for now, check out his work HERE!

nation ltd dress, thrifted blouse, melo-x ring and headband