i see through all that.

"Your only limits are self-imposed."

Time is winding down so quickly. I fly back to Florida this Thursday the 19th. It's all I've been thinking about. Being able to see my family, being able to step back into my comfort zone for a few days, see my room, the rest of my belongings. My life feels like its pretty much scattered all over the place. Some in Florida, some in New Jersey, and the rest in New York. I've been good at keeping it all together. May 1st is also right around the corner where I'm co-hosting the Shop and Swap event in NYC from 6-9. I'd want nothing more than to see my fans. Before posting this, I went to reply to questions on tumblr since I get such a heavy amount of messages there. I was feeling super homesick. As confident as I am, there are times I feel lost. The first message that came up was anonymous from a girl who suffered with an eating disorder. She wrote "Seeing your freedom, your beauty, has liberated me. I aspire to be like you. Today I decided I will never count calories ever again. I'm going to LIVE!" Changed my mood drastically. You guys teach me as much as I teach you, if not more. As much as you're thankful for me, I'm even more grateful for you. Thank you for everything you guys do for me.

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