unapologetic fearlessness.

"Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets" - Nido Qubein

My followers: I need you to listen up! I'm giving you an early heads up to not make plans and/or cancel the ones you already have for Tuesday, May 1st, from 6-9 PM. I will be co-hosting Kellie B of FatshionInsider's event called Shop & Swap at Tammany Hall in East Village. Gabi Fresh, Nicolette Mason, and a few other fashion bloggers will be co-hosting as well. Taking place on three levels, there are going to be racks of clothes, an open vodka bar for the first hour, food, door prizes, tweet contests, and most importantly...ME! haha. No but seriously, you all know by now, the number one thing I love about my blog, is my supporters, followers, and fans. I'm dying to meet and take pictures with all of you! Myself, along with the other bloggers, are going to have two full garment racks of our clothes ready to sell or when you arrive. I can't wait to meet all of you. My number one rule is, DON'T BE SHY! On another note, I've been thinking lately about inspiration and how I get inspired. I've never been one to bother and see what other people are doing nor hop on the latest trends. When I get inspired, it's mainly from living life and going through experiences.

stripe mini dress c/o sheinside, 7 inch stripper boots