bad kid baby.

"If I tell you that I am good, probably you will say that I'm boasting, but if I tell you that I am no good, you'll know that I'm lying" -Bruce Lee

These past couple of days, my mom shipped the majority of my clothes and shoes to me from Florida. If I haven't been at work, then I've been unloading all my belongings, which takes an enormous amount of time considering I'm an organization freak. On another note, I love day light savings time. I get so much more done when it gets darker later. The only time I'm able to take blog pictures is on my weekends off, so my posts aren't going to be as frequent as they were when I lived in Florida. I am ready for summer to be here already so I can start wearing the clothes that I REALLY want to. haha.

thrifted jean jacket, f21 pencil skirt, bakers platform heels