dream with open eyes.

"Ambitious girl, you just want to win. You'd rather chase your dreams, then to try to chase these men" -Wale

After what seemed like forever, is finally mine! At first, someone else had ownership of it. Long after a bunch of emails and procedures, $300 later it officially became mine. For now, I have my blog directly connected to it. Eventually when I come out with my fashion line, I'll have a full webpage for it, but for now, my blog will do. Domain names usually don't cost nearly as much as what I paid. Unfortunately for me, the man who owned it wanted money for it. I thought about all the heels I could buy with $300, but I figured the investment in the domain name was worth it in the long run. I found this tribal dress at a thrift store in Jersey months ago. I made it shorter to make it more flattering. My heels are BCBG and my oversized clutch and matching belt are vintage.