distant horizon.

“Your willingness to be truthful about who you really are opens up enormous possibilities” -Oprah

Here are some more of my American Apparel outtakes from my trip to Los Angeles. I love California's landscape. The warm weather reminds me of Florida, but the mountains remind me of West Virginia. We would travel there when I was younger because West Virginia is my mom's home state. Since I've been living in Florida most of my life, I don't think I'll ever fully get use to the sight of mountains and how breathtaking they are. When I was little, my mom said the first time I went to West Virginia and saw mountains I asked, "What are those big round bumps with trees on top?" haha. I was the cutest baby ever. On another note, it's weird seeing me in flats right? haha It's weird for me to even see myself in them because I'm ALWAYS in heels. I think now people will be able to tell I'm only 5'3" instead of thinking I'm way taller!