crimson lace.

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered" -Giorgio Armani

Since Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday, exactly three weeks from now, I figured I'd go ahead and do the perfect Valentine's Day look for you guys and host a giveaway while I was at it! The corset I'm wearing is called Viveka and it is from I love corsets because they always have this amazing ability to accentuate my curves more. This corset from Vedette laces in the back, but snaps in the front, and is SUPER stretchy so it's actually wearable, meaning I can move and breathe in it unlike most corsets I usually wear haha. This outfit would be perfect for a Valentine's date! Speaking of Valentine's Day, I'll be in New York and attending fashion week for it! If I did have a date, then I'd be wearing this! haha! My giveaway is with Vedette Shapewear again! Everyone tell me what their plans are for Valentine's day and be sure to leave your email! I'll choose the winner and announce in a few days! Good Luck!