can't be labeled.

"Personality begins where comparison ends" -Karl Lagerfeld

Yes, this just happened. You are looking at me with this amazing wig on. I love drastic necklines. Everything I'm wearing is vintage except my heels which are Jessica Simpson's. Being back home feels so relieving. I'm finally settled in until Fashion Week in February. Lately, I've been thinking about signing on to an agency and considering modeling professionally. People have always asked why I haven't gotten into it before. There's so many answers to why I haven't. One reason being, my interest and goals are in fashion design and the energy I'd be using toward modeling would take away from my designing. I've been thinking that the modeling also will help fund most of my fashion line. Then again, I'm drawn back with another reason why I've held it off, being that I don't like labeling myself. I'd obviously be titled a plus size model, but then again, even if I was a size 6, I'd still be considered "plus size" in this industry. I hate how fashion companies view sizes. I despise labels, it's just a way to separate/divide people. I don't want to be labeled in any category, I want to be in my own bracket. I'm too complex for any category. Either way, one day, you guys will understand why I don't label myself. We'll see what I decide. No big decisions until after fashion week!