"I have to do it because I have a commitment with myself" -Miguel Cotto

I loooooove Nation Ltd. They recently came out with a plus size line and wanted me to showcase one of their pieces. I usually am super picky with maxi dresses but the material, quality, and flow of this dress is perfect. You guys can check out Nation Ltd Here. For those who don't know, I'm a huge boxing fan, Miguel Cotto being my favorite fighter. People always asks who inspires me? Well there's your answer. Three years ago, he took his first professional loss against Margarito. When he found out there was a huge possibility Margarito cheated, he took it for what it was knowing he couldn't change the past. Instead of constantly pointing the finger or complaining, he admitted his own faults of being tired after the 6th round in their first fight. Shortly afterward, his father died, he switched trainers, and he still never made excuses for himself. He really is the definition of someone who loves what he does wholeheartedly. Anyone with that much love for what they do, determination, and assurance of themselves, will be prosperous in the so he was. P.S. I made this jean jacket. I'm sure you can tell by the giant N on the back haha. Hope you guys like it!